Dr Peter Swarzenski

Peter Swarzenski holds a PhD in Chemical Oceanography and is Section Head of the IAEA Radioecology Laboratory (REL) in Monaco. At REL Swarzenski oversees research on diverse marine stressors, including deoxygenation, ocean acidification, contamination, harmful algal blooms, and marine plastics. The IAEA Environment Laboratories are the only marine laboratories in the UN system and host the Ocean Acidification –International Coordination Centre.
Prior to joining IAEA, Swarzenski worked as a research oceanographer for the U.S. Geological Survey in Santa Cruz, California on marine biogeochemical processes. Recent projects addressed climate-change impacts to Pacific atolls, coastal groundwater, and Alaskan permafrost. Swarzenski applies a variety of tools in his research, including U/Th-series radiotracers and electrical geophysical methods, and has published ~200 papers.

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